The Algarve is Europe’s Westernmost region. Its climate is Mediterranean with strong Atlantic influence. There can be above 300 sunlit days over and a coastline more than 200kms long. Some of the beaches in the Algarve are among the most beautiful in the world. Inland territory is less populated, though its villages are precious, and the population is friendly and very welcoming – the perfect place to work in peace and concentration, in breathtaking landscape of hills, rivers, streams, and dams.

Since we know our Algarve region well, we are quick to respond to any scouting request.


Our second suggestion is the Alentejo: it is also the unexplored, neighbouring region of Algarve. Here and there it is sparsed with fortifications, rivers, dams, and little typical villages with whitewashed walls and lovely winding roads. The never ending plains are inexhaustible sources of History. A perfect setting for images with any vehicle, this is a diamond in the rough.


The capital and the north main city, where everything happens and all creative industries get together. The sceneries are amazing along with landscapes, architecture, traditions and heritage, available in any corner with welcoming people in these cities of a tourism prized winner country.


Portugal is a small country in the Southwestern corner of Europe. It runs about 200kms from East to West, and some 1000kms from South to North. Its privileged geography nurtures an enormous cultural variety reflected in its people and gastronomy, but most of all in its landscape and architecture. From the Douro to the Algarve, it sometimes feels we travel from one continent to another – all through excellent roads, which may allow for a whole week photographing contrasting scenarios in one single country.